Day 31 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 31 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Volunteer at a local spay clinic. Thousands of dogs and cats have been saved each year as spay clinics spay and neuter as many animals as possible. There are several organizations in Panama that support local communities and their animals by providing this service at an extremely low cost. Spay clinics happen all across Panama and usually every month. We can help you find one!

Day 30 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 30 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Eat like a local and Feast at a Fonda. These small open air roadside restaurants are found all throughout Panama and offer cuisine at affordable prices $3-$6.00. They are usually open for breakfast and lunch. However, some are open for dinner. Most fondas offer a chalkboard menu of 3 or 4 items that changes daily and when they are out of the dish, it gets erased from the chalkboard. So go early because as the day goes on menu options are limited! Have you enjoyed the delicious food from a Fonda?

Happy Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year begins on Saturday 28 January 2017. The reason the new year falls at this time is because it marks the start of the lunar new year, which is when there is the start of a new moon. In Chinese tradition, each year is named after one of twelve animals, This is the year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster is the tenth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. The Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029. The Rooster is almost the epitome of fidelity and punctuality. People born in the Year of Rooster according to Chinese zodiac have many excellent characteristics, such as being honest, bright, communicative and ambitious.

Day 29 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 29 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Probe the history of petroglyphs in Panama. Petroglyphs are pictorial images created by removing part of a rock surface by picking, carving or engraving. Petroglyphs are found world-wide and in Panama you can see them in almost every area of the country. Some of them date back to as far as the 15th century! They are most abundant in the Chiriquí province. Other sites where they have been found include: El Valle, La Pintada, Rio Grande, Calobre, Atalaya, Ocu, La Mesa, Sona, Mamey, Boca Baja, Caldera, Boquete, Concepcion, San Miguel, and El Volcan.

Day 28 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

[EN] Day 28 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Attend the Aeropuerto de Chame Airshow. The Air Festival will take place on Sunday, January 29 at the Krish Persaud Airport in Chame district province of West Panama. The Civil Aeronautical Authority and the Active Club 20-30 are the organizers of this event. It is 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and your entry is totally free. There will be exhibitions of general aviation, parachuting and aeromodelling, as well as artistic stage and food sales. --- [ES] Día 28 de 365 cosas por hacer en Panamá. Participa en el espectáculo aéreo que se estará realizando en el Aeropuerto de Chame. Este festival aéreo tomará lugar el Domingo 29 de Enero. En Krish Persaud, Aero

Day 27 of 365 things to do in Panama

Day 27 of 365 things to do in Panama. Hang out at the Expo Inmobiliaria Acobir in the Atlapa Convention Center In Panama City. It is a 5 day event being held from 25th January to the 29th This event showcases products like local and foreign buyers, public in general, international investors of commercial, residential and tourist areas, real estate brokers, professional of design and architecture areas; executives of hotel brands and multinational businesses, among others etc. in the Real Estate industry.

Day 26 of 365 things to do in Panama

Day 26 of 365 things to do in Panama. Discover Panama’s Miraculous Christ of Esquipulas in the town of Anton along with it's legend, image and miracles. Nobody really knows where the wood statue came from, While there look around the lovely town, have lunch and visit the interesting museum next door. Discover what Anton has to offer! ......

Day 25 of 365 things to do in Panama

Day 25 of 365 things to do in Panama. Beach Body workout! Get your blood pumping while enjoying the gorgeous view of the ocean and being cooled by the refreshing tropical breezes. Life if good!

Day 24 of 365

Day 24 of 365 things to do in Panama. Interface with InterNations! As the largest international community for people who live and work abroad, InterNations offers global networking opportunities, local events and expat-relevant information. At around 3,500 monthly events and activities, expats get to meet fellow internationals in their city, while forums and destination guides provide valuable tips and information.

Day 23 of 365

Day 23 of 365 things to do in Panama. Grow your own pineapple! Simply cut off the top of the pineapple, allow it dry for several days to discourage rotting and then place it in soil. It will need at least 6 hours of bright light. Water as needed, the soil should be dry between waterings. Be prepared, pineapples are slow growing plants! You will not see blooms for at least 2 -3 years.

Day 22 of 365

Day 22 of 365 things to do in Panama. Hang out at the historic site of Fort San Lorenzo in the province of Colon. It is one of the most ancient Spanish fortresses in America. Chagres, once the main Atlantic port on the isthmus of Panama, is now an abandoned village.

Day 21 of 365

Day 21 of 365 things to do in Panama. Support the local Rotary Club International. Rotary is a global network of community volunteers with over 1.2 million neighbors, friends and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in their communities and around the World. Lots of opportunties for fun - join the event today in Coronado! P.D. Today is Squirrel Appreciation day AND also National Hugging Day. So you can observe both at the same time ;)

Day 20 of 365

Day 20 of 365 things to do in Panama. Catch the Musical Madagascar in Panama City. Based on the movie Madagascar, have fun with your favorite characters Alex, Gloria, Melman and Marty. A musical perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Under the direction of Aaron Zebede. New and modern theater option in Panama 180 comfortable seats and lobby-bar. On Oferta Simple you pay only $17 for a ticket to "Madagascar: Una Aventura Musical" on Saturday, January 21st at 1pm in Teatro La Plaza ($35.10 Value). Limited quantity.

Day 19 of 365

Day 19 of 365 things to do in Panama. Peruse the CANAL MUSEUM SPANISH PAINTING SHOW Museo del Canal Interoceánico de Panamá, Plaza de la Independencia, Calle 5a Este, Casco Antiguo, Panamá, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Temporary exhibition of the MAXAM Collection, Important pieces of Spanish art since the 1900s. Works that bring together some of the most important Spanish artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. An exhibition organized by the Embassy of Spain in Panama, the MAXAM Foundation and the Interoceanic Canal Museum of Panama. Admission $3 General, $10 tourists and $2 students and retirees.

Day 18 of 365

Day 18 of 365 things to do in Panama. Come over to the Flower and Coffee Festival in Boquete - in bloom until January 22nd. The Flower and Coffee Festival in Boquete, Panama, has been attracting thousands of visitors since 1911. The 10 day festival is filled with a remarkable array of flowers from all over Panama and the world.

Day 17 of 365

Day 17 of 365 things to do in Panama. FACE YOUR FEARS and eat something new! Panama's indigenous name translates to "abundance of fish". Fresh fish can be purchased on the beach at the local fishing villages or in the fish markets and there are so many delicious ways to make it. Enjoy!

Day 16 of 365

Day 16 of 365 things to do in Panama. Attend a business networking gathering. Meet business people, entrepreneurs and others to form relationships that will help you recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures. Beach Business Networking meets in Coronado on Tuesdays at Picasso Cafe 8:15-9:45 am. Come as a visitor and bring a friend!

Day 15 of 365

Day 15 of 365 things to do in Panama. Zipline the rain forests. This thrilling ecotourism opportunity allows you to explore the rain forest canopy using safe modern climbing techniques. Strap in and soar through the treetops and bird-rich forests and natural beauty. Swoop from platform to platform in the cloud forest trees passing over streams and waterfalls. Woohoo!!!

Day 14 of 365

Day 14 of 365 things to do in Panama. Sign up for OfertaSimple. Do you like discounts? Receive daily offers by email. is an online service that connects buyers with local businesses. The discounts are very large (30%-70%) and it is a great way to discover discover new businesses.

Day 13 of 365

Day 13 of 365 things to do in Panama. Friday Funday - Volleyball on the beach is a great way to spend a day. Panama has over 1500 miles of beach and is ranked 50th in the world for length of coastline. Find some friends and have fun!

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