El único Panamá - Week 9

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! Festival de Musica & Arte de Boquete The Boquete Jazz Festival began in 2007 and then became Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival in 2011 when a Blues lineup was added to the festival. Since 2012 the BJBF has featured top class musicians from all over the world. This year it became known as the Boquete Music and Arts Festival to increase the audience and include a cultural merging that supports tourism. It is difficult to put into words what a truly unique experience the festival is. There are no boundaries between the spectators and performers as they play and sing among the audience. The internationally known artists walk the fairgr

El único Panamá - Week 8

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! Living Fences - they are everywhere - I know you have seen them! The word 'fence' has its origin in the XIV Century and comes from the word fens - a short term for protection and defense. A fence separates and surrounds serving as a barrier or boundary. Fences emerged from the notions of agriculture, property and family and serves a visual declaration of ownership. It represents a major investment for a small farm with installation, repairs and upkeep. As compared to the standard "dead" fence a 'living" fence has many ecological and economic benefits aside from their obvious uses. It is aesthetically pleasing, can assist in boost

El único Panamá - Week 7

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! Carnaval in Panama! Most of us have heard about the amazing celebrations of Carnaval that take place in Brazil. However, this joyous festive event is celebrated throughout Latin America and Panama takes this holiday seriously. I’ve heard it said it is second to Brazil. It begins four to five days leading up to Ash Wednesday. Many businesses, including the government, will close the entire time because people flock to the interior of Panama to eat, drink and party until the sun comes up. This year it was reported 128, 307 vehicles headed to the interior within the first two days. The government spends over $2M to help fund the cou

El único Panamá - Week 6

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! ~ History in the Making and LORE Magazine was there ~ A musical about Panama, written in Panama, performed by an all-Panamanian cast and crew and presented in English with a Latin Heartbeat. “Panamá: The Musical” was introduced to the world on February 1st in Teatro Ateneo, Ciudad Del Saber with all the glitz and grandeur of Broadway – with lights, action, music and a party! The musical is a collaboration between T. Rob Brown, Yolanda Van Der Kolk-Brown and her niece Tara Van Der Kolk created to showcase Panama to the world. The play is a love story set in the Canal Zone and Casco Viejo in the roaring twenties. A young American

El único Panamá - Week 5

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! Mail Call or Not! Panama, one of the most developed countries in the region has a plethora of things, daily mail service is not one of them. Having no traditional street addresses makes it difficult to deliver door to door. This may seem odd for those relocating from North America. However, there are ways of sending and receiving mail – even the envelopes you don’t want! Interestingly, utility bills are delivered by courier each month and slid under your door or placed in the front gate. Of course you can get them online as well. Most businesses rely on a hired driver or messenger service to pick up and deliver. The national postal

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