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Day 121 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 121 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Get Your Yellow Fever Vaccination.

Yellow fever is a risk in certain parts of Panama, so the CDC recommends the yellow fever vaccine for travelers 9 months of age or older traveling to all mainland areas east of the area surrounding the canal (the entire comarcas of Emberá and Kuna Yala, the entire province of Darién, and areas of the provinces of Colón and Panamá that are east of the canal. Not recommended for travelers whose itineraries are limited to areas west of the canal, the city of Panama, the canal area itself, and the Balboa Islands (Pearl Islands) and San Blas Islands.

However, a lot of countries are now requiring a yellow fever shot before you can enter, especially if you are traveling FROM certain countries.

The Panama Ministry of Health is offering vaccinations from 7:30am to 2:00 p.m. for $5.00. You are required to show ID ~passport or cedula.

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