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Day 204 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 204 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Move to the sounds of Ozuna and Arcangel!

On Saturday, August 5th Panama welcomes Ozuna and Arcangel with an electrifying show of trap and reggaetón music at the Amador Convention Center.

Jan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, professionally known as Ozuna, is a reggaeton singer and songwriter from Puerto Rico. His aim is to write positive, uplifting songs that encourage people to work toward their dreams, and he avoids using profanity out of respect for his daughter. A songwriter since the age of 12, he signed a record contract in 2014 and began posting songs to YouTube. By 2015, songs such as “Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere” had become radio hits across Latin America, and he performed concerts in numerous countries. In March of 2016, he released a remix of his song “No Quiere Enamorarse,” which featured superstar Daddy Yankee; the song immediately racked up millions of YouTube views.

Austin Santos, aka Arcangel, was born in New York on December 23rd, 1985. Honoring his Puerto Rican-Dominican descent, he moved to Puerto Rico in 1999 to devote himself to Reggaeton. While being there, he formed a duo with De la Ghetto, with whom he obtained a certain popularity in the United States and Puerto Rico. In 2007, Arcangel started his solo career by working on a single with DJ Nelson, considered the godfather of Reggaeton. The song, “Chica Virtual”, was featured on Nelson’s compilation album “Flow La Discoteka 2” and became popular in urban radios. Soon enough, Arcangel had become the most popular artist among Reggaeton fans in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Tickets are on sale at TicketPlus.

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