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Day 245 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 245 of 365 Things To Do in Panama.Celebrate at the Flower Fair of the Holy Spirit in Las Minas!

Join in the celebration of Feria Flor del Espíritu santo, (Flower Fair of the Holy Spirit) is Las Minas September 2 -5th.

The town of La Minas, in the province of Herrera, organizes the Expo Farm Flor del Espíritu Santo, a tribute to the national symbol. The orchid abounds near the streams and rivers of Panama. The scientific name means ‘winged pigeon’ and has the shape of a small white dove with open wings inserted in the center of its petals. Annually the flower of the "Holy Spirit" flowers in July, August and September, when they open their petals to give their beauty.

Visitors can see a wide variety of orchids and orchilologists from all over the country. Also during the celebration there are renowned artists, folklore groups, parades, bullfights, cantaderas, popular dances, discos, delicious food and drink.

A folk Mass will be held on the last day, in the Church of Santa Barbara, and once the religious ceremony is over, the folkloric presentations will be resumed to conclude the grand parade of wagons that will tour the main streets of the picturesque village of Las Minas.

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