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El único Panamá - Week 20

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama!

Panama has the First Metro in Central America.

The first subway service in Central America is located in Panama City. Line 1 covers a distance of 13.7 kilometers - 7.5 km are underground, 4.9 elevated and 1.5 higher in trenches with 12 train stations. It benefits thousands of people every day moving between Albrook to Los Andes and in the future San Isidro. The estimated time to get from north to south of the city is 23 minutes with a capacity of 600 people per train, transporting more than 15,000 people during rush hour.

Line 2 will be built in two phases and elevated. Phase 1 route will be from San Migulieto to La Dorba and Phase 2 will include the route from Albrook to San Migulieto. It will have the capacity to serve 40,000 passengers an hour in each direction and has a length of 21 km and 16 rail stations.

Line 3 is projected to be 26.7 km long with 14 rail stations and will run from Albrook to La Chorrera and pass through a new bridge constructed on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal.

Line 4 will run from Albrook to Rana de Oro.

The standard adult fare is 35 cents for a single trip on the Panama Metro!


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