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El único Panamá - Week 36

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama!

Panama Celebrates Black Friday in September!

Mark you calendars and get your credit cards ready. ATP marketing director, Enrique Sánchez, has announced that for the second year in a row the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) will celebrate a season of special shopping offers, entitled Panamá Black Weekend, from Friday 14 to Sunday, September 16 in a strategic alliance with the Panamanian Association of Malls (APACECOM for its initials in Spanish), the National Tourism Chamber and various airlines.

International advertising campaigns via radio stations, television and digital media have been hitting the markets of Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

The airlines Copa, Air Panama, Wingo and Avianca, will offer competitive packages to tourists which will include air tickets, hotel accommodation and tours. Likewise, an invitation to participate in the event has been extended to the Panama Restaurants and Related Industries Association (ARAP), according to

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