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Day 286 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 286 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Get Freaked Out at Adventure Land!

Adventure Land, a fun recreation park, has planned activities for Halloween! Bring your friends and family and enjoy all the creepy surprises that Adventure Land has in store. Your options are;

The Freak Show Haunted House for kids ages 14 and up -

This is not a simple haunted house, this is The Freak Show, a circus of terror with beings that will give you the most chilling experience of your life. Discover 6 stories, 6 characters and try to escape without ending up being one of them.

Entrance to the Laser Arena Zombie Apocalypse For kids ages 12 and up -

The Zombie Apocalypse takes over the Laser Arena for the first time featuring REAL ZOMBIES! The mission will not only be to face another team but now you also have to prevent the zombies from attacking or taking your life!

The Laser Arena is a fun combat circuit with laser games and can fit up to 6 people per session, teams of 3 people each.


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