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Your Guide for the Panama Riviera!

The Panama Riviera has been a popular destination for Panamanians since it was founded. The area has continued to grow as word gets out about the beauty, amenities, opportunities and lifestyle of this region of Panama. The tourist who come for a beach or highland experience get exactly what they want and continue to return for annual vacations. Often times they relocate permanently.

The Inspiration for this magazine evolved from friends who were visiting Panama. They heard about the wonderful places to see and try but could never locate them because there was very little in writting. Thas is how LORE Magazine derived its name. The definition of 'folklore' is to pass by word of mouth throught the generations the customs, traditional beliefs and stories of a community.

The vision of LORE Magazine is to become the premiere resource guide of the Panama Riviera connecting the local, national and international audience with businesses, events and opportunities in the beach and highland communities. The goal is to be easily accesible through print and digital media to deliver enthusiastic, creative and complete coverage of the area answering the questions you may have.

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