Day 120 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 120 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Go-Karting! If you have a love for speed and racing cars in general, you can now feel the adrenaline of being a real pilot at the only go-kart rental track in Panama: Panama Karting at Brisas de Amador. Enjoy this amazing experience with your family and friends, and feel the excitement of driving a go-kart at full speed. Challenge your brothers, cousins, friends or whoever you want, and awaken your competitive spirit in a go-kart race. No matter how good (or bad) you're behind the wheel, you just need to be an adventure and speed lover to enjoy this fun and exciting activity. Go ahead and do something different with your family and friends!

Day 119 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 119 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Get Your Groove on and Celebrate International Dance Day. It is International Dance Day around the world, Dance is a visual, cultural, emotional and physical expression that is enjoyed by both the dancer and the audience. Not only is dance a form of art, but it is used ceremonially, as a kind of exercise, or just purely for enjoyment. International Dance Day was founded by the International Dance Council in 1982 to bring broader public attention to the art of dance. You are invited you to enjoy “Root”, this beautiful project that is a massive presentation celebrating the Dance Day. Admission to the event is free, and will take place in the Park Los Lago

Day 118 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 118 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Attend Expo Tattoo Panama 2017! On Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of April you can attend the sixth “Expo Tattoo Panama 2017”, The Theme: Roots “Guna Yala”, was chosen with the aim of highlighting the colorful Panamanian Folklore in its various areas and customs. There will be 100 stands on display, more than 200 international and local tattoo artists, DJs and artists exhibition on stage, suspension show, Panamanian designers’ parades, choosing of Miss Tattoo 2018, brand promotion, among others. Guests artists who will be there: – Nationals: Joel Villamonte “Pollo Tattoo”, Geisy Valdes, Francisco Urriola “Pancho”, Roderick Alvarez “Coloreto

Day 117 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 117 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Get Certified in Scuba Diving! Scuba diving frees you to explore the underwater world from historic shipwrecks and pristine reefs to the mysteries of your local quarry. Become a scuba diver and find out what you’ve been missing. Experience a connection with nature; a feeling of freedom, and a transformation. Diving connects you with nature. It immerses you in new sensations and experiences. It transforms your perception of life forever. There are a number of dive shops in Panama and two oceans to explore!

Day 116 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 116 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Cool off With a Raspado! Raspados is the local name for snow cones. You will find them served everywhere from a friendly vendor with a mobile cart. You can choose from a large variety of tropical flavored toppings and Panamanians top their snow cones off with a dollup of condensed milk. It is always a great time to enjoy this cooling and refreshing treat!

Day 115 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 115 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Enjoy Ballet Under the Stars! Next Wednesday, April 26th The National Ballet of Panama will be making a beautiful presentation to enjoy “Ballet under the stars”, an activity that promotes art and culture and the good use of public spaces with activities suitable for all the family. Admission to the event is free, and will be held in the Convento de la Concepcion in Old Panama at 8:00 pm.

Day 114 of 365 Things to Do

Day 114 of 365 Things to Do. Have Fun at the International Fair of Azuero! The International Fair of Azuero has been held since 1944 in the town of Los Santos, near Chitre. It is considered one of the major tourist attractions with people from all over the country attending. The fair gives attendees the opportunity to learn about Azuero's industrial, livestock and agricultural production. Folkloric presentations, food and music will keep you entertained. Local and international vendors will be exhibiting and selling their products and merchandise ~ furniture, textiles, jewelry, leather items and more. This is event takes place April 20th -May 1st and is know for the traditional parades

Day 113 of 365 Things to Do in Panamaa

Day 113 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Take Me Out to the Ballgame....and by ballgame I mean baseball at the Rod Carew Stadium! The Panama national baseball team is a national team of Panama and is controlled by the Federación Panameña de Béisbol Aficionado. It represents the nation in senior-level men's international competition. The team is a member of the COPABE. While Panama has never won a major international tournament, they have won Medals in the Baseball World Cup and Pan American Games. Many major leaguers have played for Panama's national team, from Pat Scantlebury in 1941 to Carlos Lee in 2006. Hotdogs and beer - what could be better?

Day 112 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 112 of 365Things to Do in Panama. Celebrate Earth Day and Attend the Earth Optimism Summit at Punta Culebra Natrual Center Amador Causeway! Earth Day was kickstarted in the US in 1970 as a day to celebrate the planet and encourage people to think consciously about the environment. The annual event has now grown into a global movement, encouraging people to do things that will benefit all four corners of the earth - from recycling and planting trees to reducing our carbon footprints. Celebration of the Earth Optimism Summit in Panama event held today, is a global initiative led by the Smithsonian Institution. The aim is to change the pessimistic discourse on environmental issues by messa

Day 111 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 111 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Dance in the Rain! Rainy or wet season has arrived with booming thunderstorms and magnificent light shows. With the arrival of the rain, temperatures cool down a little during the day and the trade winds disappear. Relative humidity rises quickly and may hover around 90 to 100% throughout the Wet Season which lasts until December. The average total precipitation a year in Panama cities: Days Place Province Inches Milli­metres 114 Antón Coclé 62.1 1578 204 Bocas Town Bocas del Toro 136.1

Day 110 of Things to Do in Panama

Day 110 of Things to Do in Panama. Hike to the peak of La India Dormida. Hike up to the summit of La India Dormida, located in El Valle de Anton. While you climb you can learn the legend of the Sleeping Indian. The trek begins with one of the region’s natural and historic wonders with a stop at Piedra Pintada. Here, a massive boulder is adorned with Native American petroglyphs and pre-Columbian carvings that recount the history of El Valle de Anton. Continue on making your way toward the trailhead of La India Dormida and trek through the dense forest. Learn about the natural history of the area and enjoy the flora and fauna that surround you. At the peak, take in the spectacular view from 2

Day 109 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 109 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Keep your eyes open for a Booby Mating Dance. Ok, we are talking birds here.....the Blue Footed Booby. You have probably seen the Boobies flying over, diving for food or perching on the cliffs of the Pearl Islands or near Taboga Island where they nest. Blue-footed boobies are aptly named, and males take great pride in their fabulous feet. During mating rituals, male birds show off their feet to prospective mates with a high-stepping strut. The bluer the feet, the more attractive the mate. In Panama we have several Booby species which we can see and careful observation can help you differentiate between them. The Booby species are thought to take their

Day 108 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 108 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Enjoy the magic of the Arabic/Andalusian music fusion on April 20th at the Ateneo, Ciudad del Saber. World Music Panama is a series of fusion music concerts of international artists with the aim of presenting and disseminating music with cultural roots. Brahim Dhour Quintet born in Morocco, far from the Arctic that has refined the style of his ancestors, Brahim Dhour is one of those musicians of the soul that has managed to cross the limits of its culture music. Composer and arranger, his interpretation in violin and lute in the tradition of Arabic, Andalusian and African Maghreb music, opens new horizons and influences of world music. With great collab

Day 107 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 107 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Attend a Mondongada and enjoy the main dish! All over the world, “topping out” or finishing the roof on a new building is a cause for celebration – and Panama is no exception. Here, the folks have put their unique spin on things with a party called a mondongada. It’s a “thank you” to the workers that’s centered around a type of tripe stew called mondongo. Panamanian Mondongo is different than other countries. The ingredients are different and it is more like a stew than a soup served with white rice or rice with green pigeon peas. There is also Mondongo “A La Culona” which literally means “Big Butt Woman’s Style”. For this one you need to use pig’s t

Day 106 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 106 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Admire an Orchid Garden. Orchids are Epiphytes, which means they need a host plant or tree on which to develop. There are over 1,200 orchid varieties. Peristeria, Dove Orchid or Holy Ghost orchid is the national flower of Panama and very popular during Holy Week. Peristeria comes from the Greek word peristerion meaning “from dove”. Peristeria can often be found in the wild near the edge of hardwood forests in many parts of Panama. Unfortunately, it has been massively over harvested and is now an endangered species. It is one of the most protected plants in the world with international agreements. Volunteer opportunties are available through The Associ

Day 105 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 105 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Tour the oldest churches in Panama City. Panama City, Panama's largest city, houses the country's most churches. The majority of the population is Catholic, though there are Muslim and Jewish communities as well. Here you can admire beautiful old churches dating back to the beginning of 15th century. Take a tour to discover Panama City’s best known churches. You can use this ap to help you find them. Don't miss the golden alter in one of the churches and the pirate story behind it!

Day 104 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 104 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Observe Good Friday traditions in a mostly Catholic country. Throughout the Catholic and Spanish-speaking world, Semana Santa is perhaps the biggest holiday of the year. Semana Santa (Holy Week) is the last week of Lent, and the week leading into Easter. Expect not to purchase alcohol in stores or restaurants in observance of Good Friday, a national holiday in Panama. Also, in observance of Good Friday all across Panama, you will find somber and religious processions, called the stations of the cross procession. Some processions (or solemn parades) have floats, some visit the stations of the cross that parishioners have constructed in various locations

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Day 103 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 103 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Tour a Chocolate Farm in Bocas del Toro! Ever wonder how organic chocolate is made? Take a tour through the jungle and farms where people have been making cacao into chocolate for centuries. Panama chocolate thrives in the rainforest environment of the Caribbean coast, especially in the province of Bocas del Toro. Visitors have the opportunity to see the origen of the chocolate they munch or the cocoa or hot chocolate they quaff by taking a Chocolate Tour. The tour walks you through the jungle and the process of turning raw cacao into chocolate. All the cacao is shade grown in the jungle, so during your tour, you may even get to see sloths, poison da

Day 102 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 102 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Be entertained by the talented Andrea Bocelli. On Saturday, April 22nd we are invited to the masterful concert that will be given by the tenor, musician, writer and Italian music producer: Andrea Bocelli. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the voice and staging of this talented singer, who will surely excite the audience with their performances. The concert will take place in Paseo del Prado, Canal Administration Building at 9:00 pm.

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