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Most Expensive Cup of Joe!

Panama not only grows the world’s most expensive geisha coffee but also charges the most for a cup of "cappuccino" in Latin America, at $2.94 according to a study published by Numbeo, the world's largest cost of living database.

Panama is the third country with the most expensive cappuccino - Canada in second place at $3.19, and the United States, in first place with $4.26 a cup.

Panama Geisha Panama is known as the country that produces the most valued coffee in the world.

Last year, in the specialty coffee auction, the Geisha Elida Estate Green Tip Natural Coffee, harvested in Boquete by the Lamastus family, once again stood out with a price per pound of $1,029. This year the “Olympus Geisha Washed” from the Sophia Estate, by Willem J. Boot and Helen Russell reached a new record when they were crowned with the highest price per pound: $1,300.50.

Where does the term 'Cup of Joe' Come from?

Well, there are a few theories.

1. Some say it started in 1913, when Josephus Daniels was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Woodrow Wilson. Joe issued General Order 99 prohibiting alcohol aboard naval vessels which lead to more coffee consumption. The story goes, the disgruntled and sober sailors weren’t happy with the changes, so they started to call coffee a “cup of Joe” out of spite.

2. It's a shortened version of two other slang terms for coffee: java and jamoke.

3. Coffee is considered “a common man” drink and Joe is considered “a common man” name.

However, no one really knows for sure. What's your favorite theory?

Are you outside of Panama and want to try some Panama Coffee?


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