El único Panamá - Week 26

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! The Pygmy sloths of Panama are considered to be one of the world’s most critically endangered mammals with the last official population count identifying only 79 individuals, according to The Sloth Conservation Foundation. They are located on the remote Isla Escudo de Veraguas and are a dwarfed version of the brown-throated three-fingered sloths found on mainland Panama.They were first described as a distinct species in 2001 based on morphological differences in body size - they are reportedly 40% smaller than the mainland species. Very little is know about them; how many of them remain, anything about their diet and habitat nee

El único Panamá - Week 25

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! Photo:Catskill Archive The Panama Railroad is the most expensive rail network ever built! Costing more than $8 million dollars and taking 5 years to finish, the PRR is the most expensive rail construction project per mile. At $295 a share, the Panama Railroad was at one time the highest-priced stock on the New York Stock Exchange. An estimated 12,000 workers died during the construction of the railroad. The main reason for building the rail line was the vast increase in traffic to California following the 1849 California Gold Rush. It became of vital importance during the construction of the Panama Canal. Still in use today, it pr

El único Panamá - Week 24

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! Photo: CNN Money Panama is one of a kind when it comes to retirement and benefits. Its retirement program offers men aged 60 and over, and women aged 55 and over who are pensionados or have a pensionado visa various benefits. Panama offers these benefits and many more to all retirees, both Panamanian and foreign. • 50% reduction in home loan closing costs • 10% discount on prescription medications • 20% off on visits to the doctor and surgical procedures • 25% discount on electricity, water and phone bills every month • 25% discount on domestic and international flight tickets. However, this doesn’t apply to all ticket categori

El único Panamá - Week 23

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! Photo: Playacommunity Panama competes in World Cup for the first time in history! History was made on October 10, 2017 when the Panamanian national football team qualified for the World Cup Finals for the first time. They are part of the 32 nations that will compete for the FIFA World Cup Trophy, the biggest prize in football. The competition will be held in Russia. Truly an inspiration for the youth and future generations of Panama! Mark you calendars and chill your cerveza ~ Match 1 of 3 June 18th 10:00 am - Belgium vs Panama Match 2 of 3 June 24th 7:00 am - England vs Panama Match 3 of 3 June 28th 1:00 pm - Panama vs

El único Panamá - Week 22

Welcome to our weekly series about the uniqueness of Panama! The Panama population consumes around 23 kg of fish per person, the biggest average around the world. Panama is one of the most important fishery producers of Central America. Aquaculture formally started in the first decades of the 1970's and was oriented to solving the nutritional requirements of poor areas with community based projects, according to Panama Means Business.

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