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Check out the new book The Panama Affair by Melissa Darnay!

What is your deepest fear? And what would you do to escape it? For Brianna Morgan, a globetrotting journalist on vacation in Panama, she has an irrational fear of ending up in a third-world prison. This is far from her mind, though, when she arrives at a five-star oceanfront resort in Panama. On her first day in paradise, she meets Lorenzo Silva, a charismatic real estate developer, and she is instantly smitten. They share a perfect first date, but the next morning, Brianna is catapulted from cloud nine when she discovers Lorenzo’s lifeless body in a cramped cave on a secluded beach. Trained in military strategy by her father, she teams with Lorenzo’s brother, Marcio, to find the murderer. She discovers that not everyone is who they seem to be. Someone wants her to take the fall. After an attempt is made on Marcio’s life, Brianna is forced to go underground, hiding from the police while employing every clever trick her naval officer father taught her to out-think both the killer and the cops. Her evasive maneuvers take her from Panama’s white sand beaches to its dense urban jungle, and from seedy hooker hotels to opulent five-star resorts. With her career and her freedom on the line, she realizes she will do anything—and use anyone—to stay out of prison. The glamorous international beach setting will make you want to book a vacation to Panama. The plot twists will make for an animated discussion at your next book club. (Amazon)

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