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Business in Paradise

Having two distinct and precious gifts: a) location, and b) time allows one an ability to step back from past previous ‘daily grind’s’ and literally ‘smell the roses’. What happens in the process is at times both an education and affirmation at the same time. We are all the sum of our pasts experiences in some form or fashion. Churchill once commented that, “We have not journeyed all this way….because we are made of sugar candy”. Thus it is only natural we come into our present days with a history from our pasts. A eighteenth century British political philosopher, Lord Bolinbroke, said “History is philosophy teaching by example”.

So I arrive at my focus today burdened by a past but amiable to seeing things with a new perspective and then, if well considered enough, formulate an observation perhaps of use to others, as well as, myself.

Today’s topic: Starting/Operating/Having a Business in Paradise!

Lesson 1: It sure as hell “ain’t easy”!

Lesson 2: The owner(s) must be PRESENT to put their personality stamp into “play”.

Lesson 3: Establishment of a ‘common bond’ is AS IMPORTANT as the product(s) offered for sale.

Lesson 4: It must go ‘beyond’ simply making money by the establishment of a collective identity for the community at large.

Lesson 5: In this Paradise we are all EQUALS.

Lesson 6: Making the business FUN applies to all its employees, as well as, customers.

Lesson 7: Keeping the operation fresh with new products, ideas and events that continually renews the collective interest of all

Lesson 8: Pull upon community offers of resources and assistance in terms of things, as well as, personnel to re-enforce community involvement

Lesson 9: Never become complacent about anything, anybody that touches the business

Lesson 10:Always make sure YOU, as owner, are having FUN

Leaders and Legends are not born; they are earned daily in the course of celebrating life….thus back to the beginning and Churchill’s “’sugar candy” the history we all are making daily is simply a larger way of looking at life!

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