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The Path of Victoriano: Between History and Adventure!

Traveling through nature is one of the most ancient activities that man has done, moving from one area to another in search of new places for his survival. It gives us the opportunity to appreciate beautiful views, and everything that has to do with the place; fauna, flora, and different cultures. This is the reason why thousands go out to enjoy the areas, for the tranquility, health or just to do a grand trip. In Panama there are a lot of routes where those that love walking and hiking could go to enjoy every type of natural attractiveness, from wooded zones, mountains, beaches, rivers and a rich ethnic variety, each experience offering a unique scenario.

History of the Path

Victoriano’s Path is one of the routes used for those that enjoy hiking in Panamá, It was designed by a group of hikers as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Panama. It takes into account the historical facts that take place in the area, it was the birthplace of Victoriano Lorenzo, as well as, the region of Cacao and everything that has to do with that era. The path is 45 km long. It begins in Chica and continues to the community of Cacao, going through the Llorón mountain range, until arriving in El Valle de Antón.

Natural Attractiveness of the Path

During the excursion you can see the unique dazzling views, fauna and flora, clear water rivers, waterfalls, fruit trees, and much more, The intact forest and mountains offer a unique landscape, and most importantly, is the kindness of the locals who will greet you always with a smile and “Buenos Días”. They are always ready to lend you the necessary help. Callejón de las Orquídeas is an excellent place for bird observers and admirers of orchids. It is filled with a rich variety of things to observe along the path. You will see a lot of old people who will tell you the history of Victoriano travels through these mountains in the era of the War of the 1000 Days, to the area of Penonomé, and camp of La Negrita, where his partners in weapons were waiting for him.

The Path has a personality that you can only experience by hiking it. There is only one way to know and enjoy it. Once you have traveled on it you will understand the great treasure that was waiting for you.

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