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Day 92 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 92 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Race the First Circuit in Panama!

The Circuito Internacional de Panamá is the first racing circuit in Panama, and it was created 3 years ago to offer a safe establishment to all adrenaline junkies. It has a social well-being nature since its motto is "RUN ON THE TRACK, NOT IN THE STREETS".

On this occasion, they want to invite you to "The Third Drag Race 2017" weekend that will be held on April 1st and 2nd. The race will feature 1/4 mile races for cars and bikes. The facilities include stands, areas under a roof, bathrooms, dining area (with food and drinks available for purchase), and so much more, with the best racing ambiance, the prettiest hostesses, music, and lots of fun.

Did you know...

The racing circuit has a length of 3.2km of asphalt and a width of 14 meters, with many areas for overtakes, curves of all kinds, climbs and descents, and banked turns.

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