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Day 110 of Things to Do in Panama

Day 110 of Things to Do in Panama. Hike to the peak of La India Dormida.

Hike up to the summit of La India Dormida, located in El Valle de Anton. While you climb you can learn the legend of the Sleeping Indian.

The trek begins with one of the region’s natural and historic wonders with a stop at Piedra Pintada. Here, a massive boulder is adorned with Native American petroglyphs and pre-Columbian carvings that recount the history of El Valle de Anton.

Continue on making your way toward the trailhead of La India Dormida and trek through the dense forest. Learn about the natural history of the area and enjoy the flora and fauna that surround you. At the peak, take in the spectacular view from 2,296 feet (700m) above sea level.

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