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Day 129 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 129 of 365 Things to Do in Panama. Treat your tastebuds to Sao (Saus)!

It is often considered the alternative to ceviche, and one that is made for an eccentric and exotic palate. Sao is essentially a ceviche made from pork feet instead of seafood. It could be considered the poor man's ceviche.

This dish is believed to have become part of Panamanian cuisine thanks to the Jamaicans who were recruited as workers for the construction of the Panama railway from 1850. Their wives and descendants offered us a new world of flavors and forms of cooking that really enriched our culture.

The sao is a type of brine made by first cooking the meat thoroughly and then marinating it for a long time in a solution of lime or lemon juice, vinegar, salt, chopped chorizo, onions and cucumbers.

The dish is found in many local spots across Panama. If you you can get past the 'yuck;' factor you may find yourself hooked on the unique taste it has to offer.

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