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Day 139 of 365 Things to Do in Panama

Day 139 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Take the Party Bus Around Town!

Panama’s party buses or chiva parrandera are as diverse as the people of Panama. The experience ranges from the elite VIP tour bus decked out with every thinkable luxury you could want on a bus. The Chivas are a more traditional open air buses that will take you on a tour, they have shopping tours, nature tours, restaurant tours and of course the party tours. They have larger and more luxurious VIP bus services with live music or DJ, flat panel TVs and air-conditioning. You can reserve a bus for your own party or just get on a scheduled party bus and meet new people and see the sights. What a fun, entertaining and different tour for any event, whether it be birthday parties, corporate parties, quinceañera, bachelor parties, sightseeing tours, happy hours and more.

The bus has capacity for 45 to 50 people and is 3 hours of travel through the main areas and avenues of Panama City.

...and remember what happens on the bus stays on the bus!

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