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Day 250 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 250 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Visit the Biblioteca Nacional!

The National Library Ernesto J. Castillero R. has just celebrated the 75th Anniversary.

It was established by a decree on January 31, 1942 and opened its doors to the public on July 11, 1942. Located in Panama City it is the axis of the librarian system in Panama.The National Library serves as a repository of the nation's bibliographic production, including all the literature relating to the history of Panama. Its newspaper section contains the most complete collection of the dailies of the country. The National Library's goal is to rescue the National Memory and collect all works and materials that deal with Panama and Panamanians to preserve the identity of the Panamanian nation for present and future generations and make it known to the world.

If you would like to contribute to the Rescue Project to the National Memory, with a donation of works or identifying existing collections, contact the National Library Foundation.

The National Library offers individual or group guided visits to the community, educational institutions, general public, students of librarianship, to introduce the the services and resources that the National Library has. Learn about the collections, reading rooms, services, usage rules, fund manipulation and online catalog.

Over 3000 books in English are available on the ground floor of the library.

Note: For more information about the hours or services, you can contact 224-9466, 221-5965 or 221-8360

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