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Day 256 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 256 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Catch the Waves in Playa Venao!

Located in the Azuero Peninsula and only 34 km from Pedasi, Playa Venao is a locally popular surf spot with the title of best beach breaks in Panama. Perfect for every skill level., the vibe is relaxed and the surrounding hillside offers a beautiful backdrop.

The grey-sand beach here is pleasant, extending in a huge arc and surrounded by a curvy hillside. At present, this area is relatively undeveloped, but it is beginning to see a boom of projects as the word gets out about its laid-back vibe and awesome surf.

If you are up for a bit of exploring you can find some lesser-known spots worth the excursion.

Only 40 minutes away sits Playa Guanico where the waves can be bigger than Playa Venao but less powerful and with near empty line-ups.

Approximately 1 hour from Playa Venao is Playa Cambutal with barely a crowd and two powerful point breaks.

Surfs up!

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