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Day 262 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 262 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Celebrate Guararé Festival!

The National Festival of the Marjoram or Guararé Festival is the one biggest and most important events in the folklore of Panama. It will be held September 21-26th in the town of Guarare located between Chitre and Las Tablas.

Started in 1949 to stimulate interest in and preserve Panamanian folklore traditions with cultural instruments, such as the mejorana ( a small five string guitar) dancing and native music and costumes. The festival, is held in the framework of the patron saint of the Virgen de las Mercedes each year.

There are competitions in poetry, music and other things.

A queen is chosen to preside over the festivities.

Thursday 21: Coronation

Friday 22: Various Contests

Saturday 23: Contests of Drum, accordion, Marjoram, dances

Sunday 24: Carreteras Parade

Monday 25th: Clothing Contest

Tuesday 26: Violin Competition

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