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Day 300 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 300 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Take a Coffee Farm Tour!

Some of the best coffee in the world is produced in Panama! The proof is in the beans as the world's largest and most important coffee trade association,The Specialty Coffee Association of America, has selected some of Panama's coffee the best in the world! Don't you think you should find out what the 'buzz' is all about?

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to go on a complete coffee tour with several of the world's best coffee producers. Learn how the process works from planting and caring for the coffee plant, picking, processing and roasting, all the way to that 'ahh' as you taste the final product brewed in front of your eyes.

Your taste buds will burst as you sample the different flavors and roasts.

Did you know... ?

A record was set this year for the highest price ever paid for green coffee at

the recent Best of Panama coffee auction, presented by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama, with one winning 100-pound lot fetching a whopping $601.00 USD per pound!

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