table tennis

Spin It! Table Tennis Academy is a place where you can relive your childhood by playing table tennis, also known as ping-pong, with your friends!

Here you can enjoy a fun time with all the comforts that Spin It! has for you with their ping pong tables for rent, competition equipment, classes, tournaments and to make it even more comfortable, a complete cafeteria.

Enjoy the following options with your family or friends:

Option 1: Pay $3 for a 2-hour rental for a ping-pong table for 1 person ($6 Value). Includes racket and ball.

Option 2: Pay $30 for a 1-month unlimited ping pong table rental for 1 person ($60 Value). Includes racket and ball.

The monthly package includes unlimited hours of play and the month starts running from the first day of attendance. In addition, it includes a 15% discount on birthday packages.

Come alone or with your friends and enjoy this new concept of playing and training ping pong in Spin It! Table Tennis Academy.

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