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Day 352 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 352 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Shop Local for Souvenirs and Gifts!

Panamanian native handicrafts are unique, creative and beautiful. All along the Inter-American Highway and in the villages you can find Artisans selling their wares. Many are made by one of Panama's seven living indigenous tribes. The most popular souvenirs are "molas" sewn by the women of the Kuna Indian tribe. They are intricate reverse appliqué embroidery items made into things like purses, wall hangings, clothing and various other things. The Embera Indians of the Darien jungle hand weave baskets and skillfully carve tiny figures and sculptures from the tropical Tagua nut.

Specialty jewelry inspired by Panama's fauna and flora can be found in shops in Panama City, Boquete and other towns. Gift Shops carry Rainforest Designs which are stunning cameo jewelry with rainforest motifs carved by the Wounan Indians.

Always something fun and interesting to buy!

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