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Citizens Call Center 311 to Include Tourist Info

Around 40 operators from the Citizens Attention Service have been trained to give information about tourism; culture and history to national and foreign tourists who call 311 and it is expected that number to increase in the near future. This is one of the initiatives taken by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) in preparation for the World Youth Day (WYD) that will take place in Panama from the 22nd to the 27th of January.

Gustavo Him, ATP administrator said that it is important to give accurate information to the thousands of pilgrims who will come to the country to participate in the JMJ. “We started with the communication tool ‘Tourism 311’, which is the same line of the Citizen Advice Service, but the operator will have knowledge of tourism services such as guides, tourist operators, hotels, tourist sites, transport and emergency services.

The 311, is a tool that the National Government has to give information to citizens, but now it will have trained personnel in the tourism service area and it is expected that some of the operators will be able to communicate in other languages such as English and Mandarin.

According to the call center data system the more frequent questions received from abroad are: Top 10 tourist places in Panama; cost and opening hours of Panama Viejo Monumental Complex, how they can visit the Panama Canal? Opening hours to visit Ancon Hill? , Which hotels are all inclusive rated?, Where are the malls located ?, Where can I get tourist guides to visit tourist places?

The ATP will provide training to other institutions such as the National Air and Naval Service (SENAN) and the National Border Service (SENAFRONT), among others.

The Citizen Attention Center 311 is a link between citizens and public entities, allowing citizens to make use of the App 311 Panama, the portal and / or call the telephone 311 from the landline or mobile phone 24 hours a day.

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