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Day 160 of Things To Do in Panama

Day 160 of Things To Do in Panama. Enjoy the sounds of Ricardo Montaner!

One of the most important singer-songwriters in Latin America, Ricardo Montaner will be performing at the Roberto Durán Arena on June 22, 2017.

With more than 30 years of success, multiple awards and more than 20 million copies of his albums sold, Ricardo Montaner will put on an unforgettable evening with all the songs that made him popular and also the melodies of his last album "Ida y Vuelta ".

The popular singer-songwriter and Venezuelan musician will be singing his hits like "An ideal world", "The power of your love", "The top of the sky", "Tan Enamorados", "Let me cry", and more, and Today you can buy your tickets for this night of much romance and good music.


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