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Day 278 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 278 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Wear Sunscreen!

Did you know that Panama is located in the northern hemisphere 5,663.97 mi (9,115.28 km) south of the North Pole and 556.38 mi (895.40 km) from the equator? That means the sun is pretty intense and you should consider wearing sunscreen because the continuously depleting ozone layer has put us at a higher risk of getting affected from the harmful rays of the sun. It is true we need the sun for our daily dose of Vitamin D, however, it doesn't mean you should put your health at risk! Sunscreen blocks the harmful UV rays, prevents pre-mature aging, lowers blotchiness on the face, prevents sunburn, enhances healthy skin AND decreases the chance for skin cancer! Don't leave home without it ~

Protect your children and your pets!


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