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Day 331 of 365 Things To Do in Panama

Day 331 of 365 Things To Do in Panama. Learn How To Identify Plants!

Panama is filled with a wide variety of flora. Learn which plants can be eaten, how to identify them, how to prepare them and where we can find them. The seminar will discuss edible plants as well as medicinal or non-food uses, all very useful in an emergency situation.

The "Survival Food" seminar will be held on Thursday, November 30, at the Metropolitan Natural Park (Las Oropendolas Hall) starting at 6:00 pm, and led by Professor Bonarge Antonio Rodriguez Beitia. A biologist, with many years of experience. Also a SELVA guide with hundreds of trips to the most impenetrable regions of Panama. He traveled and studied the jungle of Coiba Island for more than five years. He has taken international teams to expeditions to Darién, to Parque Soberanía and many other sites

Along with plants, you can also learn about survival fishing; how to increase the chances of catching fish, shrimp and other beings from rivers and streams, along with how to prepare and cook to make consumption safe.

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